Light Boxes

You can light up any store front or add elements of impacting results at very affordable pricing with a quick turn around time and a very simple installation. These are a win-win item as they can be installed and relocated upon your clients growth.

 You can keep them simple, or you can make them fun. Our light boxes are pre-wired per UL specifications and some standard sizes are kept in stock waiting for you to specify the color and graphics needed and will ship the following day. 

  •  Single Sided / Double Sided Light Box Options

  •  (Indoor / Outdoor)


  • Extrusions Available: 4", 7" , 9", 10"  12" on single Extrusion.

  •           Up to 48" on SignGineer Extrusion System

  • Faces: (Squared or Round Corners)

  • 3/16"  Flat Lexan Face 

  • Pan Faces

  • Conventional Sliding or Hinged Face

  • Vandal Face 

  • Changeable Text Cabinets

  • Mounting Methods Available:

  •  Wall Mounting, Saddle Mounted,

  •  Lateral Between Poles, Plate Mount

  • Perpendicular Bracket Mounted & any Custom       Mounting Design         

  • Lifting lugs always included.




Standard Specifications

custom built boxes always welcome...