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Custom Channel Letters_CLN

Traditional channel letters are the  most affordable and simplified channel letter styles.  Their materials, and  simple fabrication allow them to be mass produced very quickly, and  easily shipped anywhere. These are often used on national branding programs.

If you are looking to keep it simple, inexpensive, and fast, this is your fit. 


Light projection  through their 1/8" to 1/4" translucent acrylic faces held by plastic trim cap

over an .040 to .090 aluminum can.

Light projection out the 3/16" to 1/4" clear polycarbonate  backs. Typically made with  .090 to .125 faces over .063 returns.

Light projection  through their 1/8" to 1/4" translucent acrylic faces held by plastic trim cap

over an .040 to .090 aluminum can with clear polycarbonate backs.

Combining fine metals, automated technology, handcrafting, finishing and polishing. 

Where elegance and budget are the driving factors, CLN's premium letters are your choice for that upscale project.

Indoor & Outdoor applications.

Custom Channel Letters_CLN

CLN is not limited to Traditional or Premium channel letters.  We are ready to take on your High Rise letter project.  Oversized channel letters and mounting  frame fabrication are available at very affordable prices.

Contact us with your project details for review and consultation. 

Manufactured in Miami FL,  shipped anywhere. 


Monumental Signage is easy and affordable at CLN. 

Whether you have a custom design, or need pre-design options, CLN can help you with New construction, Rebranding Retrofit, or Modifications to an existing monument, blade, or pylon sign. 


Contact us with your specs or concept, you will be amazed how easy 

 and affordable superior signage can be with CLN. 


Blade Signs & Wall Cabinets are no different than monuments at CLN. 

Whether you have a custom design, or need pre-design options, CLN can help you with your new sign construction, Rebranding Retrofit, or modifications to an existing  blade or wall sign. 


Contact us with your specs or concept, you will be happy you did!

Wholesale Sign Cabinet

About Us

Established in 1993 Channel Letter Networks, formerly known as DC Signs, has over 28 years of experience as wholesale fabricators.  

Since then, we pioneered the Channel Letters Wholesale Trade, and we continue to diversify and extend our line of products. 

Throughout our journey, we have brought innovations that have set standards in our industry. 

At CLN, it is our mission to deliver a superior product that includes everything your

installer will need to work a fast & smooth installation, and allow your team to work multiple projects a day.

As a wholesale sign fabricators, we are here to help your company maximize it's growth, and profitability on demand. 

As a UL certified facility, our product is inspected daily for the highest consumer safety & quality.

CLN  serves the sign industry through out the continental United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central & South America.

What we do

Channel Letter Networks is committed to the sign industry solely as a wholesale sign & display fabricator . CLN provides:  standard, premium, or custom

Channel Letters to Monument Signs, Light Boxes, Custom Cabinets, Custom Steel & Aluminum Displays Structures, Indoor / Outdoor Commercial Lighting Products, 

and any custom fabricated project to meet your needs. Day in and day out, we partner up with sign companies in order to provide end users of all levels with astonishing signage products right on time. When choosing companies to partner with, we work diligently to choose those that will maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and preserve our integrity in the industry. From our very beginnings, our main purpose has been  to serve others as we work onto the Lord in order to achieve the blessings of success for all. With this in mind, we value every opportunity and every project we are involved in, and only deliver our best each & every time. 

How we do it

From the very first stage of design, to our product’s destination, our team closely monitors every step of the process. Our engineering, design and set-up departments work very closely with our account managers and production team in efforts to assure a perfect product in a timely manner. Our production line uses skills of the trade on every piece they handle never losing sense of urgency. Our Production, Quality Control & our Logistics departments work closely with clients, assuring every sign is delivered on time for scheduled installations. Whether it is about one sign or a corporate signage program, we monitor transit, and confirm damage free and on time delivery.  Our commitment, and execution throughout our history has helped us grow our reputation of excellence & trust.


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